The Ugly One


by Marius Von Mayenburg
for Griffin Theatre, 2012

Design by Michael Hankin
Lighting by Tom Willis
With Jacinta Acevski, Gig Clarke, Eden Falk, Jo Turne

On The Ugly One

“It’s a terrific ride, and you won’t be bored for a second.” TIME OUT

“The Ugly One… isn’t so ugly, it’s rather perfect.” ALT MEDIA GROUP

“… explosively and finely played by an extremely dexterous ensemble of farceurs: Jacinta Acevski, Gig Clarke, Eden Falk and Jo Turner. Ms Giles has guided and shaped them into a very impressive team.” KEVIN JACKSON

“Sarah Giles has directed a tight, caustic production that leaves a lasting impression.” AUSTRALIAN STAGE

“Your assessment of Falk’s face seems to change purely based on the reactions of his fellow cast members. It shows not only how clever this play is, and how well staged it is here, but also how susceptible we all are to this kind of surface judgment.” SYDNEYMORNING HERALD