The Bald Soprano


by Eugène Ionesco
for NIDA, 2008

Adapted by Tina Howe
Design by Gemma-Lark Jonson
Lighting by Sarah Kenyon

with Jacinta Acevski, Paige Gardiner, Sheridan Harbridge, Garth Holcombe, Brett Rogers and Yalin Ozucelik

On The Bald Soprano

“The mood is captured perfectly by director Sarah Giles, who pitches the necessary levels of wacky energy and deadpan while steering clear of buffoonery and preventing tongues lingering too long inside cheeks. Indeed, there are even some moments where things become so intense that the mood turns momentarily disturbing, a testament to her excellent control of the play’s peaks and troughs.” AUSTRALIAN STAGE ONLINE

“The last play of the afternoon was an absolute joy.” OZ BABY BOOMERS