That Face


by Polly Stenham
for Red Stitch, May 2010

Design by Claude Marcos
Lighting by Danny Pettingill

With Fantine Banulski, Lauren Henderson, Persia Hethorn-Faulkner, Lucy Honigman Dion Mills, Tim Potter and Sarah Sutherland.

Photographer Janelle Low

On That Face

“Sarah Giles direction sustains a propelling tension that allows moments of relief without ever letting the underlying questions fade or allowing the extreme characters to control the pace or focus.” AUSSIE THEATRE

“Director Sarah Giles builds a crescendo of tension right up to the dramatic conclusion to Stenham's work…” THE AGE

“That Face is rare theatre, indeed: bleak yet buoyant, witty and wise, heartfelt and hopeful, as good a contemporary drama as you’ll see on stage this year. Melbourne theatre-goers should not miss the chance.” CRIKEY

“The low-key, thoughtful production allows the superb dialogue and the exceptional talent to really shine. From the stage’s built-in bed, to the lighting techniques, to the intelligent use of space, each facet of this production is deliberate and meaningful.” RHUM