by Marius Von Mayenburg for Sydney Theatre Company, 2014

Design by Renee Mulder
Lighting by Benjamin Cistern

With Andrea Demetriades, Glenn Hazeldine, Rebecca Massey and Timothy Walter

Photography by Lisa Tomasetti

On Perplex

TIME OUT ★★★★★

“It's funny ha-ha and funny strange.” ★★★★★ TIME OUT

“Giles' reading of the work doesn't miss a beat thanks to a superhuman effort by the cast, a true ensemble.” ★★★★★THE DAILY REVIEW

“Incredibly, rib-achingly funny.” AUSTRALIAN STAGE

“If you're prepared to deal with a whole lot of weirdness, then Perplex is the show for you. Give yourself to the elk.” AUSTRALIAN STAGE

“It may be the most surprising night you have all year.” STAGE NOISE

“…there is no doubt that the clarity at which Perplex‘s big existentialist questions are communicated, affirms the strength of her faculty and vision. It is tempting to lose oneself in an absurd, surreal and illogical wilderness that delivers only entertainment and jubilance, but Giles’ work here fastidiously unearths the true and central essence of the scripts ideas and themes.” SUZYGOESSEE