No Pay? No Way!


by Dario Fo
for Sydney Theatre Company, 2020, The Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House

Directed by Sarah Giles
Adapted by Marieke Hardy
Set and Costume Design by Charles Davis
Lighting Design by Paul Jackson
Sound and Composition by Steve Francis

With Glenn Hazeldine, Rahel Romahn, Helen Thomson, Aaron Tsindos and Catherine Văn-Davies 

Photography by Prudence Upton

On No Pay? No Way!

ARTS HUB ★★★★★
2CH ★★★★1/2

“Funny? There has to be a stronger word? Funny? If I wasn't sitting down, I'd have fallen over. I mean, at one point I was crying.” SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

 “A ferociously funny piece of political theatre...” TIME OUT SYDNEY ★★★★

"[A] delicious production by Sarah Giles... a very funny show" THE AUSTRALIAN

“A complete joy to watch... Liberation takes many forms in this stellar offering which contorts riotously for two hours to hit the frontal lobe along with the funny bone.” ARTSHUB ★★★★★

“A riotous, ridiculous delight with a sting in its tail… I haven’t heard an audience laugh so loud for a long time.” LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE ★★★★

"This production of Dario Fo's satirical farce is among the funniest Sydney Theatre Company has put to the stage in years.” AUDREY JOURNAL ★★★★

 “No Pay? No Way! is a frenzy of laughs.” 2CH ★★★★1/2

“Director Sarah Giles’ rendering of the play is relentlessly energetic, for scenes of hilarity that tickle us from start to end. Although the laughs are incessant, hearty and thoroughly enjoyable, not one moment goes by that lets us forget the politics being discussed.” SUZY GOES SEE