Mrs Warren's Profession


by George Bernard Shaw
for Sydney Theatre Company, 2013

Set and Costume Design by Renee Mulder
Lighting Design by Nigel Levings
Composition and Sound Design by Max Lyandvert

With Helen Thomson, Lizzie Schebesta, Eamon Farren, Drew Forsythe, Simon Burke and Martin Jacobs.

Photography by Brett Boardman

On Mrs Warren's Profession

“This is a brilliant production which makes me acutely aware of the skills of the author, the cast and designers. It is especially a triumph for Sarah Giles in her first mainstage production for Sydney Theatre Company.” CANBERRA CRITICS CIRCLE

“The performances are all first rate, under the politically and theatrically adept direction of Sarah Giles. She did a fine job late last year with the difficult Mariage Blanc and is clearly much more than "up and coming". STAGE NOISE

“Giles has put Shaw's text front and centre and has given each scene clear definition. This is a smart show and a must-see for Helen Thomson's performance alone.” CONCRETE PLAYGROUND

“Director Sarah Giles chose the play for her Sydney Theatre Company mainstage debut and does a sterling job bringing the piece to life.” THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“This intelligent production is beautiful to look at and the cast is first rate.” SUN HERALD

“Sarah Giles and her team have done fine work is blowing away the dust that has accumulated on what an evening of Shaw will be like” SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“This very satisfying production shows why Shaw’s play was so revolutionary in its time and why the issues it raises are still so relevant today.” INNER WEST