by Julian Langdon, Casey Bennetto and Gillian Cosgriff.
for Victorian Opera, 2018, Opera Queensland and return season at Victorian Opera 2021.

Music by Julian Langdon, Casey Bennetto and Gillian Cosgriff.
Lyrics by Casey Bennetto and Gillian Cosgriff.
Orchestration by Julian Langdon.
Concept by Ali McGregor.
Musical Director: Phoebe Briggs.
Director and Dramaturg: Sarah Giles

Set and Costume Design by Marg Horwell.
Lighting Design by Paul Jackson.

with Antoinette Halloran, Ali McGregor and Dimity Shepherd

Photography by Pia Johnson and Jade Ferguson

On Loreli

THE AGE ★★★★½

“a brilliant work – one that deserves national and international recognition” CLASSIC MELBOURNE

“A highly entertaining evening with a social message” THE AGE ★★★★½

“Facilitated by director Sarah Giles’ thought-provoking staging, the results are as pertinent as they are devastatingly entertaining. Such is its strength that one might get the sense women never before have commanded so candid a platform - one of 75 coruscating minutes.” Herald Sun ★★★★ HERALD SUN

“From music and lyrics to set and costumes, it’s an engaging package whose appeal goes well beyond the usual opera crowd.” ★★★★ LIMELIGHT

“An absolute treat for the eyes and ears, Lorelei is sophisticated adult entertainment of the highest order.” SIMON PARRIS, MAN IN CHAIR

“Would I watch Lorelei again? Definitely. Would I recommend this to everyone? Yes.” CUT COMMON